Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation

Some of us have specific vices that motivate us. What motivates you?

  • A relationship?
  • Your kids?
  • A diet fad?
  • Pills?
  • Advertisement?
  • Event?

Those are all outside inspirational advocates. Yet, what is really needed is for ourselves to be our motivation. How can we become self-motivating? How do we believe in ourselves?

We need to learn to overcome barriers! Even when we may acquire knowledge about fitness, does not necessarily mean we will apply it. It takes desire and then action to reach a goal. Thus, we must live what we learn, know and preach.

Follow these 5 P’s to reach the success you wish to obtain for yourself!

P- rior





These 5 P’s have been instilled into my brain for my entire life in everything I do. (My dad was military!) Sometimes more than not, it is hard to apply this to reach our fitness goals. We often create excuses or fall out of our routine and then give up (either due to wanting fast results or self-loathing, and any form of negativity). So we ask ourselves, what do we do now that we have gotten to the point of “whatever” or “I don’t care”?? Put a positive spin on our “failings”. Like one wise baboon once said, “The past can hurt, but as I see it, you can learn from it or run from it! –Rafiki (The Lion King)

We have been created as creatures of flight or fight. How many of us stay and fight? Staying motivated for ourselves denotes positive thinking, self-confidence, focus and strength. Self-confidence will not let you give up on your healthy goals, even when you think you have ‘failed’. We cannot control everything! So, just keep going and try not to repeat past mistakes, nor listen to anyone’s critiques. This is your body, not theirs! If we let negativity digress our progress, we develop a defeatist attitude, throwing ourselves into insanity.

What is insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. (

Implement that positive thinking to gain willingness to change, self-inspiration to never give up, and realizing that you are ENOUGH!Be nice to your body, and it will be nice to you. Also, don’t worry about the finishing product, focus on the journey of getting there. You will be there before you know it and the rest is history.

Hakuna Mata



Published by Ashrielle

My website was created to help me, help you, love ourselves. I am trying to reach as many Active, Beautiful women that I can. I am directing focus on those who have had or have an eating disorder. I am hoping to provide the hope and inspiration needed to reach the hearts of those suffering internally and letting you know that everything will be ok.

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