Plethora of Data

There are countless websites, books, social media, and etc. that pertains to dieting and exercising. Which is the best, most accurate information? Honestly, it is mainly based on mathematics. A friend of mine would constantly reiterate that to me. I would listen, and then feel stressed about not losing weight fast enough and turn toContinue reading “Plethora of Data”

Patience is Virtue ✌

When it comes to patience, not many of us acquire this humble skill. I plead the fifth. Not only in life is patience necessary, but especially in weight loss/fitness. When our bodies feel stressed, it holds onto weight. Which, in turn, causes us to become more frustrated, increasing cortisol, equaling failed fitness goals met. What isContinue reading “Patience is Virtue ✌”

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Today, I will discuss Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I think many of us may actually have this or some form of its symptoms without even realizing it. Those who have been overweight one time or another in their life seem to grasp that image in their mind and refuse to let it go, no matter whatContinue reading “Body Dysmorphic Disorder”

Is Self ♡ Love…. attainable?

This blog post is inspirational and positive, but that would be a false sense of who I still am at this point in my life regarding self-love. I can be positive in certain aspects of my life, but my weight and looks are not one of them. This will be a constant battle for me…..Continue reading “Is Self ♡ Love…. attainable?”

Intermittent Fasting

Not many of you know about Intermittent Fasting. This can be a beneficial way to lower body fat percentage, but please exercise caution when implanting I.F. in your lifestyle. If you have a tendency to practice anorexia, abstain from this form of dieting. You have an 8 hour window to eat and can eat theContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting”

Macro Dieting

A more balanced form of dieting that does not leave you hungry or causes regression to eating disorder relapses is Marco Counting. This has been the only effective way for me to stay nutritionally focused and from harming myself. The website provided below (Those Macros Tho) is one that I use in order to findContinue reading “Macro Dieting”

What constitutes failure?

Failure….lack of success(, we have all experienced this at one point or another in our lives. For some it may be everyday due to addictions or personal struggles. But true failure is the willingness to give up. Everyone has struggles and may not conquer with a victory every time but this will ultimately makes usContinue reading “What constitutes failure?”

Ups & Downs

Fitness has many ups and downs. Everyday we feel a different way about our selves and our bodies. Our mental state has a huge bearing on what we may see in the mirror opposed to what others may see. We are our own worst critics. I can attest to this to the maximum degree. AccordingContinue reading “Ups & Downs”

It begins….

Along this fitness journey, I will be completely honest about how I feel and the progress I experience. Every day is a challenge like I have expressed before. I am so used to either starving myself or starve, binge, and purging, that I get frustrated a lot more now when refraining from doing those things.Continue reading “It begins….”

Fitness Tid Bits

For many of us, we do not know how to properly incorporate nutritional eating into our daily diets. I struggle with this concept daily. For the longest time, I would starve myself to drop quick weight or eat 500 calories a day and work out for an hour or two doing cardio. Of course IContinue reading “Fitness Tid Bits”