H2O Intolerance

HAHA! What movie is that from??? …. You got it Finding NEMO!!! (Refer to the Title of the post ^^) Seriously though, why is water so important? Is hydration necessary? First off, adult bodies are comprised of approximately 60% of water. ( Water is dispersed throughout our vital organs and our blood plasma. Secondly, it … Continue reading H2O Intolerance

Sleep to Beauty 💤

Sleeping is an essential part of recovery. Your body needs rest! Let me tell you….. If you ignore it, it will catch up to you. I had gone weeks without sleep and then my body started to shut down. Caffeine was no longer working, my immune system was getting weak, and my brain function was … Continue reading Sleep to Beauty 💤

Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation

Some of us have specific vices that motivate us. What motivates you? A relationship? Your kids? A diet fad? Pills? Advertisement? Event? Those are all outside inspirational advocates. Yet, what is really needed is for ourselves to be our motivation. How can we become self-motivating? How do we believe in ourselves? We need to learn … Continue reading Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation

Touching base with your emotions😀😌😕😠😭😙

“If you allow yourself to be bored, even for an hour –or less- and don’t fight it, the feelings of boredom will be replaced with feelings of peace.” (Carlson, pg. 49) How beautifully put! We are constantly trying to find things to do, whether to avoid being still or avoid dealing with emotions. What’s so … Continue reading Touching base with your emotions😀😌😕😠😭😙