Tis the season to veggi-tear-ian

Merfollowers,   I am happy to announce that I am experimenting with vegetarianism. Honestly, this was not my idea! The things we do for our friends….he he! Heck, if it gives me more energy or makes me feel better, why not. The only way to know what works for our bodies is to experiment. LET’S … Continue reading Tis the season to veggi-tear-ian

A.M. vs P.M.

It’s going up…. in the A.M. The last couple of months, I have been going to the gym in the morning more than the evening. Honestly, I never really thought that it mattered what time of day you went to the gym as long as you got your workout in. If your food calories are … Continue reading A.M. vs P.M.

Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation

Some of us have specific vices that motivate us. What motivates you? A relationship? Your kids? A diet fad? Pills? Advertisement? Event? Those are all outside inspirational advocates. Yet, what is really needed is for ourselves to be our motivation. How can we become self-motivating? How do we believe in ourselves? We need to learn … Continue reading Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation